Best before 2067

These sheets are made to last, experience and see a lot. You can literally use them recklessly. Although the Jesus linens do not require an owner’s manual or instructions for use, we want to tell you a little about the product details and the unique 50-year warranty. We also included some care tips to ensure the longevity of the product.

A product with life-long durability and design.

The Jesus duvet cover set and pillowcase are available in pure white and flax. Choose your favourite colour and join us in the battle for a more sustainable and beautiful world:

Sustainable linen and careful attention to detail.

The material of the products are sturdy and undyed linen. The twill-bond used in the fabric is well known for its durability. It is used in for example jeans, which were originally designed as durable workwear. Special attention has been paid to the finish. Such details, which may not withstand the longer than normal use, we have removed or replaced with more durable solutions. All seams are reinforced, care instructions are embroidered directly on the fabric and the product is designed to withstand wear. The flax raw material used to make the Jesus duvet covers is from Belgium and France, and the fabric is woven in China.

Why “Jesus”?

In this unique product we have used same material and binding as in the Shroud of Turin, which is said to date back as far as the time before Christ.  The product name and the product itself are a tribute to an old and sustainable production method, which we wanted to bring to this day.

Taking care of your Jesus Linens

Linen is a beautiful, durable and eco-friendly natural material. A luxurious linen fabric is heavy, smooth and stiff. It wrinkles easily, but the more you wash it, the softer and more comfortable it becomes. As linen does not pill, it looks new even after diligent use, as long as you have washed and treated the fabric correctly. Linen is not allergenic and absorbs moisture well. As linen repels dirt, you can wash thin flax linen more gently than a fabric made of a coarser thread. Wash high quality linen duvet covers and pillowcases turned inside out in plenty of water, with like fibers and colours. The material might shrink in the first wash max 6 %. We recommend washing the product before use. Ironing and mangling seal the surface of the fabric and reduce the amount of dust coming off the product. If you follow the care instructions, you will enjoy your linen bed textiles for a long time. 

Machine wash 60°C

Do not bleach

Normal tumble drying

Iron on high: three dots

Normal dry cleaning

A warranty that lasts almost a lifetime

The unique length of our warranty is based on carefully considered materials and details. The product has gone through washing tests and simulations of the wear of the fabric with regard to abrasion*, tensile strength and elongation**. The warranty promise is based on the assumption that the product user has two duvet cover sets. The sets are used alternately and the sheets are changed every two weeks. Thus, the sheets are washed with an average of once a month. The number of washes during the warranty period is therefore 600 (1 x 12 months x 50 years = 600 times). The warranty covers normal use as bed sheets, regularly maintained according to care instructions. * Result: Martindale abrasion resistance SFS-EN ISO 12947-2: 2001, broken threads 15000 rpm ** Result: maximum force and elongation SFS-EN ISO 13934-1: 2013, strength when ruptured warp direction 780N, weft direction 470N and elongation when ruptured warp direction 5.6%, weft direction 15%.

If the product does not last for 50 years, how is it replaced?

A defective product is replaced with a new similar product or alternatively repaired. If neither option is possible, the client is reimbursed for the amount paid, corrected according to the change of the consumer price index.