Elefantti socks
Elefantti socks


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  • Product information

    The colourful graphic style of Elefantti ankle socks brightens up your daily life. These socks are designed and produced in Finland. These socks are made from a blend of 74% GOTS certified organic cotton, 22% polyamide and 4% Lycra. Intended for daily use, these socks make life easier because patterned socks are easy to pair up when you’re folding laundry. You won’t have to spend all night sorting black socks under the brightest light you have at home.

    Elefantti ankle socks come in sizes 40–42 and 43–45. They are sold in sets of two pairs.

    Elefantti is one of Finlayson’s most beloved classics. It’s a timeless and playful graphic pattern that has delighted people from one generation to the next. Created by Laina Koskela in 1969, the pattern is the result of a design competition organised by Finlayson and the Helsinki Industrial Arts School. It took a few years for the pattern to make it to production, but the rest is history. The elephants featured in this pattern make a bright and colourful return in this new fashion collection.

    Arkismi x Tiia Vanhatapio

    Ordinary daily life defines much of our existence. Part of good daily life is having clothes that make life as enjoyable as possible. Sustainable design is a universal right, which is why our collection is built around Finnish design, functionality, sustainable materials, sustainable production and timelessness.

    Finlayson’s Arkismi x Tiia Vanhatapio fashion collection was designed by the internationally renowned designer Tiia Vanhatapio. She is a designer who understands daily life and designs clothing that makes daily life more beautiful and functional. Simple is beautiful!

  • Product origin

    Pattern: Elefantti
    Designer: Laina Koskela

    Manufacturer: Sidoste
    Manufacturer country: Finland
    Manufacturer address: Hallilantie 29, 33820 Tampere

    Product code: 21671470001

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    Free delivery for all orders over 99 €

    30 days free return (does not apply to hygiene products, such as pillows or duvets)

    Delifyry time 4-7 business days

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