Poppoo sleep bag

Sleep bag

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90x250 cm
Dark Grey / Beige
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  • Product information

    -         a unique product

    -         a light duvet, sheet and pillowcase all in one

    -         roll out, add a pillow and sleep

    -         ideal for the cottage, boat or caravan and for sleepovers

    -         saves space and time from making the bed

    -         easy to wash

    -         design Sami Vulli | Poppoo


    The whole bunch together in Poppoo! The charming and sympathetic bunch of night owls by designer Sami Vulli creates a playful, graphic pattern.


    The sleep bag is everyday design at its best: a sheet, light duvet and pillowcase all in one. The sleep bag is designed for indoor use, a standard piece of equipment for big and small, which makes life easier for both the overnight guest and the host. The sleep bag is a perfect piece of spare equipment for the home, cottage, boat or camper van.


    Take the compact sleep bag with you on a trip and unroll it when it is time to sleep. Slip a pillow into the built-in pillowcase, and the sleep bag is ready for use. On the road, you can use for example a jumper as a makeshift pillow. One of the sides is open at the top to make it easier to slip into the bag. In between use, the bag can be safely machine-washed at 60°C.


    The Poppoo sleep bag is made of high-quality, durable 100% organic plain weave cotton, and the filling of the quilted light duvet is 100% polyester wadding. The trimmed edges make the bag durable and give it a finished look. Use the ribbons sewn to the lower edge to tie up the bag into a tight roll.


    Why do we call it a sleep bag?

    Finlayson’s first duvet covers were made in Tampere in 1964. The duvet cover was a new product and, at first, it was also called a blanket bag or sleep bag. The story goes that some of the first users slipped inside the duvet cover instead of under the duvet. That’s one way to do it. The design of duvet covers hasn’t changed much since then. In the Nordic countries, duvet covers without hand slits in the top that make it easier to get the duvet inside the cover have attracted most attention. We decided to approach the duvet cover with an open mind, learn more about its history and look at it from a different angle. The result is the sleep bag. 

  • Product origin

    Pattern: Poppoo

    Manufacturer: Sedat Uğurlu Tekstil
    Manufacturer country: Turkey
    Manufacturer address: Hacıeyüplü, 3123. Sk., 20050 Merkezefendi, Denizli

    Fabric processor: Sedat Uğurlu Tekstil
    Fabric manufacturer: Sedat Uğurlu Tekstil

    Yarn spinner country: Turkey
    Yarn spinner: Uçak Tekstil

    Fabric origin: Turkey

    Product code: 60432-5310-01-06

  • Material & care


    Wash with like colours. Reshape to dry. Shrinkage max 6%.

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  • Certificates

    Design from Finland Design from Finland
    The Design from Finland mark indicates the origin of unique Finnish design and emphasises the importance of intangible work for Finland's success and employment.

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    Free delivery for all orders over 99 €

    30 days free return (does not apply to hygiene products, such as pillows or duvets)

    Delivery time 4-7 business days

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