Vekki Decorative Cushion Cover
Vekki Decorative Cushion Cover
Vekki Decorative Cushion Cover
Vekki Decorative Cushion Cover
Vekki Decorative Cushion Cover
Vekki Decorative Cushion Cover
Vekki Decorative Cushion Cover

Decorative cushion cover

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Size: 50x50 cm
Color: Dark Grey
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  • Product information
    Meet Vekki, a decorative cushion cover made from 50% recycled cotton. The recycled cotton used in this decorative cushion cover is mainly sourced from surplus material from the clothing industry and cotton that did not meet the quality control standards for its originally intended purpose. The material may also include cotton from recycled clothing. The recycled fibre and the yarn are sourced from Spain. The remainder is 30% cotton and 20% polyester.
    This casually stylish decorative cushion cover has a beautiful pleated ingrain surface. The lively colour is achieved through the use of weft yarns and warp yarns of different colours. The material has a lovely soft feel and the pleating ensures that it needs no ironing and is easy to put in the washing machine at any time. Shape the cushion cover after washing while it is still damp.
    The decorative cushion cover has a zip on one side to make it easy to slip in the cushion. Don’t forget to order a cushion that fits inside the cushion cover. The cushion should be the same size or slightly larger than the cushion cover to make your decorative cushion nice and plush. Put together several decorative cushions to create your preferred colour combination. Also check out our Vekki bedspreads made partly from recycled cotton.
    We continuously strive to improve the sustainability of our products. Every day, we replace some of the ordinary cotton in our products with more sustainable materials, such as certified organic and Fair Trade cotton, recycled materials and linen. The emissions of this product have been successfully reduced by using recycled cotton.
    The product has been granted the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certificate, indicating that the product does not contain harmful chemicals and is safe to use.
  • Product origin
    Design from Finland

    Designer: Finlayson
    Pattern: Vekki

    Manufacturer: Antonio Salgado Et Co., Lda
    translation missing: en.products.information.manufacturer_address: Rua de Sezim, 426, Candoso S. Tiago, Guimarães
    Fabric processor: Antonio Salgado & Ca. Lda
    Fabric manufacturer: Antonio Salgado & Ca. Lda,
    Yarn spinner: BELDA LLORENS,
    Product code: 80824-0001-01-04

  • Material & care

    Fabrics: 100% polyester
    Material weight: 410 g/m²

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  • Certificates

    Oekotex Tuotteella on STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® -merkki, joka takaa, että tuote ei sisällä haitallisia kemikaaleja ja on turvallinen käyttäjälleen.
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