Our materials

We choose our materials carefully. High-quality materials are durable, and they look and feel good use after use.

Cotton – a durable natural material

Cotton is a natural material with multiple uses. It is breathable, feels comfortable and efficiently absorbs moisture. We use high-quality long-fibre cotton that does not become pilled.

Cotton is an easy-care material that remains good-looking even when washed frequently.

Organic cotton

We increasingly replace ordinary cotton with certified organic cotton, as the total emissions caused by organic cotton are significantly lower. No artificial fertilisers or pesticides are used in organic farming. Therefore, it pollutes the environment less and is safer also for the farmer.

Our organic cotton products are GOTS-certified, which makes the cotton traceable. We know its entire route from the field to a finished product.

Fair Trade cotton

The cotton used in our Fair Trade bath textiles is hand-picked high-quality Fair Trade organic cotton, grown with respect for people and the nature.

In the Fair Trade farming programme, the farmers receive a guaranteed price plus a Fair Trade bonus, intended for financial, social and environmental initiatives of the farming community. Fair Trade cotton can also be traced all the way to the farming community.

Cotton satin

Cotton satin is 100 per cent cotton woven using sating weave. A fabric with satin weave is smooth, dense and beautifully shiny. Cotton satin feels wonderfully soft against the skin.

Linen – beautiful and ecological

Linen is a durable natural material and excellent for home textiles. A linen sheet absorbs moisture, feeling pleasantly cool in summer and comfortably warm in winter. Washing and wearing makes linen softer.

Growing of flax (linen plant) does not require much fertilisers, pesticides or irrigation.

This makes linen a real eco textile; when correctly cared for it will only become better and better over time. We use high-quality European linen. You can find our linen products here.

Lyocell – an innovative conversion fibre

The silk-like TENCEL™ Lyocell fibre is softer than cotton and feels pleasant and cool to the skin. It also breathes and efficiently transfers moisture from the skin, which is why it is excellent for products such as pillows and duvets.

TENCEL™ is a conversion fibre made of FSC-certified pulp manufactured by sustainable forest industry companies.

Recycled materials – durable quality

Finlayson’s recycled products are mainly made of recycled materials, which reduces the amount of textile waste being burned. First and foremost, the result is a new high-quality product that carries its history proudly.

Recycled old jeans

Finlayson gives your old jeans a new life in Old Jeans towels. The colour of the products reminds of the material: undyed recycled denim. Products made of recycled jeans are made to endure time and hard wear. And they look and feel good, too.

The products contain approximately 40 per cent of recycled material. In addition, the Old Jeans products include TENCEL™ fibre (40%) and virgin cotton (20%).

Recycled sheets

People’s closets are full of old sheets that deserve a new life. Old sheets brought to our stores in Finland are sent to the Pohjanmaa region in Western Finland to be woven into lovely rag products, such as rugs and cushions.

Textile cutting waste

The soft and warm Reno flannel duvet covers are made from cutting waste received from our partner factory in Portugal. They look and feel good and give you a good conscience.

Reno flannel contains six per cent of virgin cotton, and the remaining 94 per cent consists of various natural and synthetic materials.

Recycled PET bottles

It is hard to believe that a recycled material made from plastic bottles could look and feel so soft!

The result is a 100 per cent recycled, durable high-quality polyester fibre. It is used for products such as our Siperia carpets and as filling material in our pillows and duvets.

You cannot tell the difference to the quality of virgin fibre. However, from the sustainability perspective, we think that the recycled product is superior.

Surplus plastic from the plastic industry

We do not want to bring any more unnecessary plastic material into the world. Therefore, we make clothes pegs of surplus material from the plastic industry.

Hang clothes up to dry, bundle cables neatly, close bags – you decide how you use clothes pegs. Beautiful to look at and serving their purpose perfectly without falling apart in heavy-duty use. The clothes pegs are both designed and manufactured in Finland.