Why do we give a five-year guarantee?

Simply because we think that the product is so good. On the basis of almost 200 years of experience, we are convinced of the durability of our products. As a promise of quality, we give a five-year guarantee for our duvet covers, pillowcases and terry towels.

Viiden vuoden takuu

In addition to a beautiful appearance and high usability, our design is based on durability. This means, for instance, that

• the stitching in our products does not come undone
• the material does not wear out in normal use
• the colours we use are tested for safety and durability
• the product is manufactured under controlled conditions according to Finlayson’s strict quality requirements.

Our products are always made of carefully selected high-quality materials, such as certified organic cotton, environmentally friendly linen and innovative recycled materials. The quality of work is also controlled, and each finished product is carefully checked.

Of course we believe that even after the five-year guarantee is up, our products will still have many good years ahead of them – therefore, they are worth taking good care of. Read the care instructions for bedding and bathroom textiles here.

Compensation under our guarantee

Is there something wrong with your product? This rarely happens, as less than 0.1 per cent of our products sold are returned to us with a complaint. We are sorry – let’s fix this!

To resolve issues as quickly as possible, please primarily contact the place of purchase to make a complaint about a faulty product: a Finlayson store or an outlet of our retailer.

Faulty products included within the scope of guarantee are either replaced with a similar new product or repaired when possible.

If you suspect that there is a more fundamental defect in the characteristics of the product, please send e-mail to Finlayson’s quality assurance: reklamaatiot@finlayson.fi. Please explain which product is in question, provide the place and year of purchase and describe the defect. Please also attach a photo of the defect, if possible.
The five-year guarantee applies to Finlayson duvet covers, pillowcases and terry towels purchased on 1 December 2017 or later.

The guarantee applies if the product is used for the purpose it was designed for and the care instructions are followed. The products are not intended for professional use.