Our company has values, according to which we work every day. We cooperate only with partners in line with those values.
     If necessary, we can work from the back seat instead of being the one with the loudest voice. Thanks to that, we have been assessed the 6th most responsible brand in Finland in the Sustainable Brand Index survey in 2016.

We promise to be nice to everyone, except for those who are mean to their environment. For us, sustainability means that we want to act like a good person would act with their neighbors and their environment. All our shops run on EKOenergy. We produce only quality products with a life cycle as long as possible. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint and we are looking for new ecological materials.

We want to take responsibility for what happens to textiles when they are no longer used. We started a campaign in which we collected retired sheets and turned them into rag rug pieces in Finland. Recycling of sheets succeeded beyond all expectations and felt so good that we made it a permanent procedure. We heard rumours that you could make towels out of old jeans, so we set out to collect jeans to get towel-making material. In our online store, we recommend that our customers choose a litter-free RePack-bag, which can be used again and again. We keep our senses open and promise to be in the forefront when it comes to recycling.

We produce only quality products with a life cycle as long as possible. All our products meet our strict quality criteria and the majority of them are Oeko-Tex-marked, which guarantees that
the products do not contain harmful chemicals and are safe for their users.

Our products are manufactured mainly in Europe and in Turkey. All partners must commit themselves to the BSCI Code of Conduct. We monitor our partners through BSCI — 95% of our purchases from countries at risk are audited within BSCI or SA8000 (12/2016). We have also published a complete list of our suppliers on our website.

We terminated our cooperation with one of our dealers, as its leadership has ties to a publication distributing racist and sectarian propaganda in Finland. We could not continue to cooperate with an operator, whose values differ so radically from ours.

Finlayson’s Tom of Finland collection was launched as a tribute to Touko Laaksonen’s (1920—1991) art. We decorated our products with the strong masculine male figures familiar from the Tom of Finland drawings, and our choices give out a strong message in favor of tolerance.
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