Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device’s browser. Text file can consist of, for example, information about your device’s model. Finlayson uses cookies on its website to enhance customer experience and for targeted marketing. Cookies do not harm or hinder your device or user experience and information shall not be disclosed to third parties. In other words, cookies are used in almost all sites and the purpose is only to improve customers’ user experience.

User experience can be improved for example with following means:

  • Site personalization based on customer’s preferences
  • To improve site’s security and speed
  • Easy log-in due to the saved log-in information
  • More interesting and personalized marketing

Data collected with cookies is anonymous and Finlayson does not combine it for example with order information. Despite of this, if you do not accept the use of cookies on Finlayson’s website, you can delete and turn off all the cookies. You can manage your cookies at your browser’s security settings. In case cookies are not in use, Finlayson cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the site.  

Cookies referred in this article mean actual cookies and similar techniques.