Inner cushion

Inner cushion

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Size: 50x50 cm
Color: White
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  • Product information
    A 50x50 cm cushion for a cushion cover of the same size. The filling is 100% polyester ball fibre.
    Good news! The CO2/NEG cushion is a member of our new product series in which we have doubly compensated for all of the greenhouse gas emissions caused in the manufacture of the products. Therefore, we can even call these products carbon-negative. The product series includes Finnish bar soaps, scent products for the home and decorative cushions. We want to make the world and everyone’s life a little better, allowing the use of our products with an even better conscience. This is yet another step towards this goal.
    The production of this cushion generates emissions of 3 kg CO2e per piece. Therefore, the compensation for this product is 6.00 kg CO2e per piece. The emissions are broken down as follows:
    • Production of raw materials 88.66%
    • Energy consumption at the production plant 6.28%
    • Transport 5.06%
    What does emissions compensation mean?
    It means that we purchase rights from the EU’s official emissions trading market via a company named CO2esto to doubly compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions generated in the manufacture of each product. Through the EU’s emissions trading, emissions are sure to decrease, as the rights purchased are omitted from the use of Europe’s biggest sources of emissions and thereby a similar amount of emissions is not generated.
    How did we calculate the emissions of the products?
    We have calculated the greenhouse gas emissions of production from the manufacture of raw materials all the way to Finlayson’s shops and webshop. The phases taken into consideration in the calculations were the manufacture of raw materials, energy consumption of the plant, logistics and also emissions relating to the packaging of the products. The calculations of emissions were done by Clonet Oy using the carbon footprint calculator of the platform and the emission factor data in its emissions database and scientific articles.
  • Product origin
    Design from Finland

    Pattern: Finlayson

    Made in Estonia
    Manufacturer: Delux Oü
    Product code: 33720-0005-01-25

  • Material & care

    Fabrics: 100% polypropylene
    Material weight: 0 g/m²

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  • Certificates

    Oekotex Tuotteella on STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® -merkki, joka takaa, että tuote ei sisällä haitallisia kemikaaleja ja on turvallinen käyttäjälleen.
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